Installing iBedside

  • Decide where to place iBedside on your bed
  • Slightly lift your bed mattress
  • Tuck the anti-slip mat between the bed mattress and bed frame
  • Lower the mattress
  • Inspect iBedside to confirm it is secure for use and gently tug to test stability

⬇︎ PDF Instruction Sheet

Using iBedside

  • Detach magnetic shelf for a convenient spot to rest items
  • Place your gadgets and gear in the internal storage pockets
  • Prop 'n Go Slim or other large items conveniently fit in the outside pocket
  • Charging cords can be inserted in the side entry holes and held in place by the elastic loops located on the interior walls
  • Hand wash iBedside with water and mild detergent and let air dry


As iBedside isn't designed to permanently attach to your bed, it will need readjusting from
time to time. The anti-slip mat should always be completely inserted under your mattress to
ensure iBedside remains stable and secure. While iBedside is a versatile product, it is important
for users to keep in mind that all mattresses, box springs and bedding vary in many ways and
have the potential to inhibit or prohibit safe and secure usage. It is the responsibility of the
installer and user to ensure iBedside is safe and securely installed. iBedside is tested
to hold up to 7.5 lb or 3.4 kg without slipping for 24 hours. Results may vary.